Flawless Bridal Makeup Tips

On the wedding day, every bride desires to look beautiful. The makeup artist plays an important role in the bride’s beauty. The bridal makeup should not be a disaster, overdone, unnatural and not matching to the bride’s features. You must ensure that the makeup should lasting for the entire occasion, comfortable and flawless. In the website http://www.canadianfashionista.net/, you can find the different bridal makeup accessories and styles to stay trendy on the day of your wedding. You should be aware of the different cosmetic products and the type of the hairstyle, and accessories that will be suitable for any occasion and regular activities.
Here are the makeup tips for the bride to look pretty on the wedding day.
On the wedding day, the makeup must be evenly distributed on your entire face that includes eyes, lips and eyebrows. You should not overboard with the makeup like heavy eyes and fire engine color red lips. You should apply little and not too much makeup. The lip stick must match the eye color. You must wear the wedding accessories and the makeup that suits you, and gives a natural to you.
If the makeup is overdone on that special occasion, then it will be feeling uncomfortable for you on the wedding day. You must do the makeup in a natural way, and should not be over and above your usual style.
The percentage of wedding makeup should be distributed such as 80% on the face and the remaining 20% on lips, eyes and eyebrows. The airbrush foundation is a must when it comes to bridal makeup as it will not look like makeup but it will give a glowing skin to the bride. It helps to highlight the wedding makeup and it can also be applied on the neck, arms, and chest. It is 100% smudge proof, and the airbrush gives an additional contour to the makeup.
False lashes are also very important on your wedding day, and your makeup will not be complete without it. The entire false lash set seems to be overdone and if you are not ready to apply the entire false lashes on your eye, then apply a few false lashes on the corner of your eye. The lashes will do wonders when opening the eyes and it is an added oomph.
The secret behind the wedding makeup for lip is pouty lips. Hope you are aware of pouty lips. This will be extraordinary in the photos, and there is no need of any Photoshop work. You must take the same highlight used for your eyes with your finger and apply it on the center of the lips. You will not see any difference, and it is not visible to your eyes, but in the photos, your lips will be additionally reflective and look fuller.
You must also concentrate on contouring in your wedding makeup since it produces dimension of your face in the photos. The contouring must be done on the cheekbone, both sides of the nose, chin, and under the jaw line. It gives the impression of excellent bone structure and slim features.