The words courier and courier service have become very common among most masses. Courier is nothing but a kind of mail service that transports letters and parcels from one location to another location. There is a considerable difference between the services provided by the mail services and courier services. A typical mail service is only deals in delivering mails and letter from the sender to the recipient. On the other case, a courier service can send parcels in addition to the letters.

One of the significant advantages of courier service is the time commitment. Courier service delivers the items to the recipient quickly than a normal mail service. Courier service uses various modes of transports and logistics to deliver the items from one location to another. Courier services also involve carefully packing all the items that are to be couriered by them. Courier services may use special packing products to ensure safety of the items

Courier services can be broadly classified into two types, they are national and international. National courier services are involved in couriering the items within the same country. On the other hand, an international courier services are involved in delivering items from one country to another country or other any other parts of the world. Mostly, the international courier service would be able to deliver the items to the other country, only if they have an operational brand at the destination.

There are also some of the reputable courier companies are they able to deliver the items to any part of the world. In most cases, the courier companies use three modes of transportation such as railways, airways, and roadways. In an exceptional case, the companies may use the waterways.

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