There are various manufacturers producing the steam mops in different style, color, size and features. Among them Thane is a popular steam mop manufacturer whose product is in great demand worldwide. Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner is a model of Thane which is available in different color versions like white, red, green, purple, pink and black. It also contains different control setting using the intuitive technology for cleaning your floors, carpets, garments, upholstery and many others. You can get the detailed review of this model from the website

Apart from this model, Thane has produced many other models. The reviews of the best three Thane models are described below and you can prefer any of them based on your requirement.

H20 HD Steam Mop is a multi-function portable upright and handheld cleaner. This model scores better than any other Thane X5 cleaners. H20 HD has sleek look and it has foldable handle for storing it easily. Also the water tank of this model is detachable and has broad floor head to speed up your cleaning process.

The good things about the cleaner are you can handle it easily because of the lightweight of the handle. It can easily reach the corners of your home, easy to fill the water tank. It is the perfect option to clean the floors but you need to vacuum first when you need to clean the carpet or wooden floor using this cleaner. The main drawback in this model is the floor looks wet after using this steamer when compared to other brands.

Thane H2O X5 5 in 1 Portable cleaner is a multi-purpose steam cleaner available in Red color. It is an advanced version of Thane X5 green model where all the limitations of X5 green are overcome in X5 red model. It has four control settings which allows you to adjust based on the different surfaces. On adjusting the settings, you can clean the different types of surfaces like wooden, tiled, vinyl, laminate and so on. The water heats up swiftly in this cleaner and eliminates the dust and germs in the floor completely. It has the attachments to clean the window cleaners and has many positive feedbacks from the customers in most of the online store.

The Red X 5 steams cleaner is multipurpose and maneuverable. It is the lightweight cleaner which cleans the surfaces and destroys the germs and bacteria and also deodorize with the nice scent. You can clean floors, upholstery, garment, and many others suing this model. It has a smart control setting and rotating head. You can assemble this easily and also heats up fast. It is a handheld cleaner for cleaning the window, upholstery and floors. It deodorizes the floor and other surfaces to leave them nice refreshing smell. It takes only less storage space and also easy to carry even with all the attachments.

Overall X5 Red model is the good cleaner with wide range of accessories for cleaning multi-surfaces. Thane has various other models with different features which you can check in online.

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